Planning Submission : Woolton Manor, Liverpool

We have submitted our Woolton Manor project for planning approval. The housing scheme makes use of the area surrounding Woolton Manor and will comprise of ten dwellings, each a 5 bed property, along with accommodation for an on site warden. There are 5 different house types occupying the site which offer a contemporary representation of the local vernacular. Larch timber cladding reflects the natural wooded setting, along with shuttered concrete adding a rawness that will sit quietly within the conservation area and fine line glazing to give the properties a crisp contemporary finish.

Along with the properties, the surrounding area site has been carefully designed and provides ecological enhancement with a large portion of the south of the site carefully landscaped for wildlife.

The proposal blends contemporary quality housing with a historical setting underpinned by nature and aims to create exceptional suburban living with all site elements embraced.

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